“You will always judge a book by its cover.”

The same applies to property.

First impressions are everything.

Professional Styling

Why would I stage my home?

For many sellers, property styling is their ‘’secret weapon”. Professional, trend-savvy and solving the trickiest of interior problems, they style for the market and the buyer.

They consider the demographic of likely purchasers and the architecture and style of the property plus they look at design and layout, whilst keeping in mind natural light and interesting features and details.

Styling can be done partially to complement the owner’s existing furniture or the full home when empty and can be coordinated by us to suit your budget.

Your Property

Street appeal – make sure the front of your property looks appealing and inviting with a weed-free garden, mulch and some attractive pot plants.

Cut the clutter and personal effects – you want the prospective buyer to be able to imagine their own belongings in the property, so de-clutter to keep things tidy and put away personal photos. Less clutter will also help make rooms appear larger. Use vases and plants for a homely feel.

Fix it – from leaking taps to a broken light bulb, make sure the minor repairs are taken care of and a splash of paint will freshen scuffs and scrapes.

Lighten up – increase the sense of space with strategically placed mirrors and lights/lamps.

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