Selling Tips

When considering putting your home on the market the following is suggested:

Prior to selling

Get all your facts right - What are the approved structures (e.g. pergolas, carports) on your land?  Disclosing unapproved structures can save you time, stress and money.  Go to the local council and get a copy of all planning approvals if you don’t have them on file.

Timing of your sale - Check with your financial advisor any implications in regard to the timing of your sale; this may have significant impact.

First impressions - The work on the exterior of your property will make a difference.  Some buyers will make a decision whether to inspect by the first impression they get as they drive past.

Inside your house - Attempt to present your home in the best way possible; this should include:

  • Clean the property thoroughly and put away all unnecessary items
  • Clean windows, mirrors, bench tops, appliances, carpets and window furnishings
  • Deodorise the house as smoke, cooking oils and animals can leave an unpleasant odour that can deter buyers
  • Repair minor items around the house i.e. dripping taps, loose handles
  • De-clutter the house as it makes the rooms look bigger
  • Decorate with flowers, well placed books and small furnishings